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Turn into Genius...

    IQ Kids is a main tool to impart our internal thought i.e. to stimulate the humans’ whole brain to accumulate positively the universal knowledge in the age ranging from 1 to 60 years.
   Further, all the individuals to attain this, the program has been framed in various categories Whole brain development for 1 to 5 yrs, memory enhancement and super speed reading known as Quantum speed reading for 5 to 60 yrs.
   We offer everything with love, patience and fun things to do.
   Those who have completed their Midbrain activation basic course, they can go for Quantum speed reading.
   This program is basically Flip reading program, in this program one can learn practically how our subconscious mind works and use it for reading in quick time by page flipping of book in 10 minutes.
   On successful completion of this program anybody can read a book of 200 pages in just 10 minutes by flipping the pages.

Benefits of Quantum Speed Reading

    • Fast reading is only the beginning benefit of QSR.
    • Through doing QSR, positive changes occur in the following areas…
    •   Speed and Processing Ability
    •   Improve Memory
    •   Personal Relation, Including Parent –Child Relations
    •   Improvement in Work efficiency
    •   Improvement in Health
    •   Development of Talent
    •   Improvement in Art
    •   Improvement in Sports
    •   Improve Confidence

      Additional Benefits for Kids below 5 yrs

        •   Day wise digital program for home and preschool.
        •   Includes 1000+ pictures, 750+ words, 700+ couplets, simple sentences, understanding numerals
            and mathematical operations through dot cards.
        •   3000+ printable/online match it sheet.
        •   1500+ printable/online worksheet.
        •   Facility to evaluate your kids through our software.
        • Course Duration

          •   80 Hours -> 4 full Days + 12 Weekends



Live Demo
Live Demo
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