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 IQ Kids Preschool is a main tool to impart our internal taught i.e. to stimulate the kid's whole brain to accumulate positively the universal knowledge in the kid's early stage ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

Further, all the kids to attain this, the programmer has been framed as play school and parental education modules.s

It is our pleasure to deliver our experience and specialization in kid's special education for several years. Children's under our care are inured from the inception stage and they are involved in multiple activities. In born and built-in-talents are exposed by implicating various methods. Integral special courses are to be implemented to candidates in pre- school education. Kids are induced to introspect and involve themselves in various deeds.

We offer everything with love, patience and fun things to do.

Each day we offer the children fun and learning activities, story time, Indoor play and songs.

We start our daily program according to our structured day to day curriculum only.That includes cricle time,play games or some other activities.


Our weekly curriculum helps the ids to learn their shapes,numbers,alphabet,animals and much more through lots of art activities through out the day.such as play dough,painting,coloring,water play,sand table,puzzles,games,etc.

Children are also encouraged to view colorful books and educational T.V/CD program at their play time.

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